Troppe Arie

concept / an idea by Rita Pelusio
direction Rita Pelusio
with Compagnia Trioche: Franca Pampaloni, Nicanor Cancellieri e Silvia Laniado/Irene Geninatti Chiolero
stage dramaturgy Rita Pelusio
musical dramaturgy Franca Pampaloni
consultant Luca Domenicali

production PEM Habitat Teatrali e Compagnia Trioche
winner of surPrize 2015 – Cabaret Competition of the Piccolo Teatro of Bolzano

Troppe Arie was born from the meeting of three concert-comedy veterans: pianist Franca Pampaloni, flautist Nicanor Cancellieri, and lyrical soprano Silvia Laniado.
The work of the clown is combined with talent and musical virtuosity.
Sounds take the place of words, and the characters of these three highly particular protagonists vigorously fill the stage.
An elderly pianist and her talented nephew are about to begin a classical concert, but the young caregiver who accompanies them on tour overwhelms them with her passion for opera, and thereby forces them to abandon the planned repertoire.
The most famous opera arias are interpreted in a bizarre way, accompanied by the piano, flute, and by the thousand objects that Norma will propose to play.
Between music and virtuosity, games of rhythm and gags, the Compagnia Trioche manages to bring us closer to the Opera by pulling us into a whirlwind of powerful Arias that lift us from the ground.